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Who are we?

Whilst it is a relatively small part of our business we felt it important to give you an introduction to The Prop Shop – it’s not a ‘shop’ per se, it was born out of a need within the film and tv sector to be able to source all their metal from one location. Geographically we are located in Hertfordshire so perfect for the abundance of studios in the South. Of course the arrival of Netflix UK is rather exciting too.


Once purchased by production companies, film makers and prop makers the metal items are invariably turned into something completely different.  In the film and tv industry they are known as greebles. A greeble is a fine detailing added to the surface of a larger object to make it more complex.  So if you consider the Starship Enterprise, that was originally made of lots of greebles all layered up until you get to the final version.

The Prop Shop is the number one supplier of salvaged metals for film and television productions in the UK. We hold huge amounts of metal stock at our Stevenage site and items that arrive here really are like candy to the film and tv sector – whether a production needs a one off metal widget or huge numbers of uniform metal pieces then we can help.

We can assure any manufacturers that send items to us for secure destruction that these are wholly destroyed as per the certification provided.

The waste hierarchy

Of course in terms of The Waste Hierarchy then re-use is very high on the list and The Prop Shop certainly ticks that box.

Our credits

We have been fortunate to work with some really interesting production companies and films over the last few years – our credits to date are shown below. We have a further 5 credits in the pipeline which we will shout about once they are released!