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Integrated waste management division

The Alchemy Metals Group announces an integrated waste management division, Alchemy Integrated Waste Solutions.

Alchemy Metals, a leading provider of recycling solutions, particularly metal, cable, transformers, and switchgear, is excited to announce the launch of our Integrated Total Waste Management Service.  This new service expands our commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction, by providing businesses with a comprehensive managed solution for waste management.

With the new division, Alchemy will handle all aspects of waste removal, from the initial waste assessment to environmental, logistics and recycling or disposal. Our aim is to reduce carbon and aim for Zero to Landfill.  Our team of experts will work with clients to create a customised waste management plan that meets their specific needs, including waste reduction strategies, recycling solutions and proper disposal methods.

‘By offering an integrated waste management service, we are providing our clients with a one-stop-shop for all their waste management needs’, said Karen Greasby, Operations Director. ‘We believe that our commitment to environmental sustainability is essential to the success of our clients, our business, and our planet.  We are excited to help companies take an active role in creating a sustainable future through our comprehensive waste management service’.

The Alchemy Integrated Waste Solution includes:

  • Dedicated contract managers no matter the size of the account.
  • Waste assessment – our team will assess the client’s current waste management practices to identify opportunities for waste reduction and recycling, at the same time assessing opportunities to increase revenue in their commodity waste streams. We aim for single grade markets to achieve the best returns.
  • Customised waste management plan – we will work with the client to create a tailored waste management plan that meets their specific needs and goals, which may include balers/compactors etc to reduce volumes and maximise returns.
  • Waste Collection – Our team will collect waste on a schedule that meets the client’s needs, ensuring that waste is properly separated for recycling or disposal, as well as providing the relevant equipment for waste to be managed effectively.
  • Transportation – We will transport waste to the appropriate recycling or disposal facility, ensuring that all regulations are met.
  • Disposal – We will recycle or dispose of all waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that all waste is properly handled and documented.

By offering an Integrated Waste Disposal Solution, Alchemy is committed to providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for waste management that supports environmental sustainability.  We believe that our new service will help our customers achieve their sustainability goals while also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

For more information on the Alchemy Integrated Waste Solution, please contact us at

NicolaGuest – Group Marketing & Procurement Manager
M: 07970 198698