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Container choice

Having previously spoken about skips many companies simply do not have room. Alternatively skips are not suitable for the metals you are producing. Our blog ‘What to consider when choosing a container for scrap metal’ covers all containers apart from skips.

Choose appropriate containment facilities

Scrap metal is a valuable asset so appropriate containers should be built into your companies working processes. They should enhance your operations rather than be a hindrance.

Alchemy design and manufacture their containers at Cavendish works in Stevenage.

By controlling this operation in-house, quality is assured – a dedicated team of welders and engineers manufacture and maintain them. They make sure they are clean and regularly spray-painted so that they are in the best possible condition.

fabrication facility

Safe movement and security

All containers have forklift guides to make sure they can be moved safely and securely. They can all be stacked. Additionally they are lidded, lockable and Smartwater labelled; this helps stop metal theft.  Security tags can be provided for you to ‘lock’ the container whilst it is being transported.

Coolant contained and recyclable

Sealed containers are available to safely contain any fluids and solutions – these are leak tested regularly. They are also fitted with drainage taps so that coolants can be recycled.  Alchemy also offer a coolant recycling service.

As a final layer of security all containers are fitted with a unique barcode, this is directly linked to you and makes sure that your materials can be identified easily.

The container range can be accessed both online at and on our free Android or Apple APP, including dimensions.